Terms of Service

This document outlines the acceptable use of the pixel4k.com website, its associated web services, and server infrastructure. It also details our content moderation policy and provides information regarding performance and availability.

If you have questions about the permissible use of content found on this website, please refer to our Copyright Policy.


This website is intended to be accessed through standard web browsers, such as those listed in our Compatible Browsers section, and similar products via direct interaction by human users. Except for publicly accessible RSS feeds provided in XML format, the website and its associated files should not be accessed using automated means, including scripts, bots, or automated applications.

Please be aware that automated access may result in temporary or permanent access restrictions, especially if multiple large file downloads are attempted simultaneously. This is necessary to ensure a seamless user experience for those accessing the website as intended by its creators.

Automated access through scripts, bots, or similar methods can significantly impact the website’s performance and impose additional costs on its operators, which may not be covered by generated revenue. Even minor violations of this policy can have a negative cumulative effect when combined with similar actions by other users.

We kindly request that you adhere to these guidelines to help us continue offering the website as a free resource to the global community. We prioritize using our resources, both human and financial, to enhance and expand the website’s features and content. Your cooperation is essential.


Directly linking to images and other large files hosted on pixel4k.com is strictly prohibited without obtaining our permission. You may, of course, link directly to individual HTML or XML-based web pages. Direct linking to our small preview images is allowed but not guaranteed.

Except for publicly available RSS feeds in XML format, no files or services hosted on this website should be integrated into any other online service or application without the express written permission of the website’s operators.

User-Submitted Content

pixel4k.com is a community-supported website that relies on its user community for the majority of its primary content. Currently, we accept content submissions in the form of desktop wallpapers. To maintain the quality of our content offerings, only a select portion of submissions is chosen for publication on publicly accessible sections of the website.

Some of the website’s content may be publicly commented on, with user-submitted text appearing alongside the relevant content. The intention of the website’s operators is for the commenting feature to be used exclusively for constructive feedback and discussions directly related to the content in question. It should not be used for personal insults, explicit or implicit content, off-topic discussions, racially or culturally insensitive material, sexual content, or any material unsuitable for a family audience, including young children. Additionally, we request that personally identifiable information not be posted on the website, whether pertaining to yourself or another individual. Children under the age of 13 should only post comments or other content under the supervision of a parent, guardian, or other responsible adult.

We reserve the right to moderate the content posted on pixel4k.com, both during and after the submission process. Moderators may delete or edit content at any time, either manually or through automated means, including the use of user-generated data to determine what is acceptable to our audience. Moderation criteria may evolve over time.


The website’s operators make reasonable efforts to maintain the availability and performance of pixel4k.com and its associated services. However, we cannot guarantee continuous uptime and accessibility. The website may occasionally become inaccessible, in part or in whole, due to planned or emergency maintenance, feature enhancements, bug fixes, server migrations, hardware upgrades and failures, or measures taken to prevent unauthorized use, hacking, or exploitation of the website or its resources.


pixel4k.com, its owners, employees, contractors, and partners shall not be held legally liable or financially responsible for any loss, damage, or injury resulting from the use or existence of pixel4k.com, its associated sites, content, services, or infrastructure.

That being said, if you have any concerns about the website, please communicate them to the operators via the provided contact email address (4kpixell@gmail.com).